1. Coooookurokuuu!
    • Get up at 6a
    • Do not snooze – this is key
  2. Cafecito
    • Have a cup of coffee and a small breakfast (oatmeal or cereal suggested)
  3. Morning Stroll
    • Put on some athletic clothes and go out for a run or a walk
    • It is recommended to leave your phone at home, but if you take it with you snap a picture of something that inspires you…anything that triggers a thought or emotion…you will be surprised of how difficult this may be, so do not question it too much
      • if you do take a picture, make sure you share it using #givesleepabreak on instagram
  4. Get the Day Starteeeeed!
    • Come back and get ready to resume your day being aware that you have already started your day with activity and inspiration
    • Place a book in your bag/purse
  5. Snack – optional
    • Have a snack if needed before lunchtime (dark chocolate is suggested)
  6. Yummy for the Tummy
    • Around noon step out for lunch. Yes, STEP OUT, and take your book with you
    • Be aware of each piece of food you are putting in your mouth – this is in order to prevent the habit of multitasking while enjoying your food. Yes, ENJOYING your food
  7. Be Kind to the Mind
    • After lunch is over, take out your book and aim to read ten pages. It is fine if you are really into the book, just find a good stopping point around the tenth page
  8. Plan your Work Wrap-up
    • After you stop with your book, take a couple of minutes to plan the rest of your work day – strategize how you will efficiently get through your duties. Aim to leave at 6p
  9. Cocktail Meeting
    • This is something you need to schedule on day one as a meeting and needs to happen between 6p and dinner. During this time, do not look at work emails, but take this meeting with the importance of a business meeting
  10. Dinner
    • Have dinner – this could happen anytime after your cocktail meeting and before 9p. hopefully, this will be an experience you would enjoy with company or alone
    • After dinner you may take a last look at those work emails you keep getting
  11. Oh Happy Day
    • After dinner do a quick recap of your day starting with the picture you took in the morning (if you took one), or remembering the walk/run you took
    • Prepare yourself to go to bed by:
      • making sure your space is organized
      • there are no dirty dishes in the sink
      • clean your face
      • brush your teeth
      • put your clothes away
      • make sure your alarm is set for 6a
      • get into your bed
    • Pets, lovers, and toys are all invited to bed EXCEPT your phone. Once you get in bed, phone is out of reach until 6a the next day
  12. Get those ZzZzzzZzzzzs…

And remember to #givesleepabreak